Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gardening Catalogs

Christmas is over and I am anxious to start looking at some seed catalogs and start planning the garden. But this year the catalogs have not arrived; is it cost, perhaps companies are not mailing unless asked for, or maybe they are just going paperless.

So I'm online searching for catalogs and boy are there are an incredible amount of sites and too many pages to decipher. I hope to make this task a little easier next year (see the list below). I must confess my best picks are from local companies, I'm not sure why that is...perhaps because these strains have been tested and adapted to the area that I live. And look at what I found....US Department of Fish and Wildlife Service, agronomist, landscape managers and botanist all agree on Ecotype Seed. Native seed which has evolved over thousands of years to adapt to the soils, temperature, rainfall, geology, insects, and disease pest for your particular area.

As I discover new sites, I will add them to this blog. The following list contains seed companies only from the United States.... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Buy local! Save our economy save our earth!

...I just read on the Burpee's website that I should be putting compost on my beds and I already have, that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Not often am I ahead of the game....

so far i have used the following tools to obtain the information listed below:

the encyclopedia of country living 10th edition by carla emery
google search engine "seeds"
msn search engine

ALABAMA: - sand mountain herbs - fyffe, al - herb seed catalog, native herbal plants, medicinal values - tasteful garden - heflin, al - tomato, pepper, vegetable, herb, fruits, berries & citrus trees, garlic, shallots, onions, potatoes, asparagus, garden supplies and more.

ARIZONA: - gmh seed - az - small seed company offering seeds that have been proven to grow nicely in desert climates. roughly 23 varieties, seed exchange for qualified consumers. - flagstaff native plant and seed - flagstaff, az - wholesale with a retail store, specializes in native plants, landscaping & restoration services in northern arizona. - native seeds/search - tucson, az - offers heirloom vegetable seeds of the desert and mountain southwest, great chile collection, multicolored popcorn, great sorghum assortment including cotton and desert foods for diabetes control. (Ancient Seeds for Modern Needs...
Native Seeds/SEARCH conserves, distributes and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. We promote the use of these ancient crops and their wild relatives by gathering, safeguarding, and distributing their seeds to farming and gardening communities. We also work to preserve knowledge about their uses.) - seed trust - cornville, az - heirloom seed, open pollinated seed, organic vegetable, native wildflower seed, native grass and medicinal herb seeds. - sweet corn organic nursery - show low, az - all vegetable seeds, certified organic & heirloom / open - pollinated seeds, tomato seeds, corn, melon and herb seeds, soil amendments and fertilizers, survival seed kits, weed control, soil test, and gardening supplies. - terroir seeds - home of underwood gardens - chino valley, az - kids gardening/home schooling - heirloom vegetable/herb seeds, heirloom flower and seed collecdtions, amy goldman's "the heirloom tomato" varieties.

ARKANSAS: - blossom nursery - eureka springs, ak - specialize in pawpaw trees and seed. - holland wildflower farm - elkins, ak - wildflower seeds, buy direct, sell for them. mixes include butterfly, continuous color, ozark naturals, highway wildflowers, southeast native wildflowers, western wildflowers, shortgrass prairie flowers, native upland wildlife meadow mix.

CALIFORNIA: - albright seed company - carpinteria, ca - products and services for landscape and erosion control. minimum order $100.00, flower, grass and turf. - aloha seed - el centro, ca - unmatched selection of papaya seeds. - golden state direct & antonelli begonias - moss landing, ca -specializing in begonias - also offers dahlias, lilies, gladiolas, and more. offers online plant and seed catalog. - bountiful gardens - willits, ca - specializes in organic gardening supplies, nonhybrid seeds, and garden grains ( wheat, oats, and barley). good selection of books on organic gardening and food self sufficiency with a small garden. free catalog and workshops; internships. - drosera gemmae - chino hills, ca - specializing in pygmy drosera seeds only, a carnivorous plant - redwood city, ca - sells no hybrids or genetically modified seeds, just 280 great heirloom vegetables and herbs. earth-loving, organic principled folks; emphasis on seeds for home food growers. - - ca - vegetables, herbs/spices, peppers, heirloom tomatoes, sprouting seeds, squash/pumpkins, flowers - enchanting sweet peas - sebastopol, ca - sweet peas only, sold separately, or mixed lots, identified by fragrance. - esp seeds - lompoc, ca - wholesale company who supplies to the following for the home gardener, american meadows, vermont wildflower, outside pride. (beautiful pictures) - evergreen y.h. enterprises - anaheim, ca - sells hybrid or nonhybrid oriental vegetable seeds, small packets or bulk. books on oriental cuisine. - genesis seeds ltd - ventura, ca - worldwide sales of vegetables, flowers, herbs, baby leaves - gourmet mushrooms - graton, ca - morel mushrooms, indoor mushrooms and outdoor mushroom kits. all kinds of info on mushroom growing. the kits seem to be a little more affordable than other mushroom sellers. - peaceful valley farm supply - grass valley, ca - organic seed, organic fertilizer, organic pest control, gifts, frost protection, bare root fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, vegetable crowns, grape vines, organic seed potatoes, wildflowers, flower bulbs, native plants and food preservation. - hortus botanicus - fort bragg, ca - sunset magazine called this "a gem" they offer a wide range of seed - annuals, biennials, exotics, perennials, trees and shrubs. - j.l. hudson seedsman - oakland, ca - specializes in heirloom vegetables and zapotec indian seeds and sponsors a seed exchange. - kitazawa seed co -oakland ca - specializes in japanese and other asian seeds. - larner seeds - bolinas, ca - wildflowers, perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees. - rainbow lily seed - middletown, ca - this site is dedicated to the distribution and propagation of rare lilium species seed to insure preservation and genetic diversity. seeds offered - american lilium species, oriental hybrid lilies, lilium species, martagon lilies, and asiactic hybrid lilies. - squaw valley, ca - certified organically grown herb plants and perennials for culinary, medicinal, aromatic and ornamental uses. free seed catalog, online ordering, newsletter. - mushroom adventures - marysville, ca - white button, portabella, giant portabella, dense white, blue oyster, elm oyster, and dowel spawns. - natural gardening company - petaluma, ca - organic gardening source, home of tomato heaven. certified organic seeds and certified organic plants, including our organically grown heirloom tomatoes. online seed catalog and ordering. - san jose, ca - ornamental edibles - specialty seeds by mail - untreated & organic seeds - printable catalog. enticing descriptions. - orantique - newark, ca - banana seeds, palms & cycas seeds, and tropical seeds. - pacific coast seed - livermore, ca - california native grasses, ca native grass mixes, ca native clovers & legumes, erosion control/reclamation/revegetation grasses, reclamation clovers & legumes, erosion control mixes, turf mixes and blends, sportsclub team mixes, lawn seed packaged, wildflowers, wildflowers: california series, wildflowers - packaged, - renee's garden seeds, felton, ca - a small seed company,offering only varieties that are very special for home gardeners, based on great flavor, easy culture and exceptional garden performance. a useful and inspiring site. - seedhunt - freedom, ca - annuals, california natives, restios, salvias. - the same as albright seeds seen above. - synergy seeds - willow creek, ca - heirloom seeds, vegetable, herbs, grains & legumes - sustainable seed company, monte rio, ca - sustainably grown heirloom, open pollinated vegetables, grain, flower, cover crop and herb seed. - snow seed company - salinas, ca - commercial seed company (i believe - quantities are large) organic vegetables. - swallowtail garden seeds - santa rosa, ca - annual flower seeds, perennial flower seeds, flowering vine seeds, vegetabe and herb seeds. - the theodore payne foundation - for wildflowers and native plants - sun valley, ca - native seeds to california sold separately or in mixes. - gary ibsen's tomato fest - little river, ca - select from 600 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. tomatofest is your destination for finding the best tasting, non-hybrid, non-genetically modified, old-fashioned and rarest heirloom tomato seeds from around the world. - trade wind fruits - windsor, ca - tropical fruit seeds, palm seeds, tomato seeds, hot pepper seeds, temperate fruit seeds, heirloom flower seeds, and vegetable seeds - vitalis organic seeds - salinas, ca - offers 150 varieties of organic vegetables and herbs, (commercial farmer supplier) - shepherd's garden seeds - felton, ca - perennials, annuals, dahlias, shrubs/vines, vegetables, herbs, fruits, tools, gifts, winter blooms, mail order and online catalog available, gardening advice via email - the wildflower seed & tool company of napa valley - st helena, ca - napa valley wildflower mix, northeast mix, pacific northwest mix, north american mix, cut flower mix, shady woodland mix, english cottage garden mix, low growing mix, bird and butterfly mix, california native mix, dry places mix, flanders field poppies, california poppies, specializing in large scale/estate plantings

COLORADO: - 2b seeds - broomfield, co - vegetable, annual, perennial flower, herb, and seed collections. - aplains seed catalog - kiowa, co - offers a wide variety of seed, but the seeds are listed with their latin name and not very useful to a beginner. - applewood seed co - arvada, co - a wholesaler of wildflower seed, garden flower, native grass and herb seed. - arkansas valley seed - longmont, co - farm products, turf grass species, wild flower and forb species, grass species, wetland species, shrub and tree species - bbbseed - boulder, co - heirloom vegetable & wildflower seeds. - botanical interests - broomfield, co - flowers, vegetables, herbs, heirloom, organic, special categories, seeds for cats, botanical series, north american favorites. - d. v. burrell seed grower co. - rocky ford, co - sells vegetables and herb seed, including gourds and lots of open pollinated varieties, also chemicals, books and tools - dean swift seed company - alamosa, co - wholesale only tree and flower seed - - eco friendly products, fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices, heirloom tomatoes, sprouting seeds, squash & pumpkin, flowers, garden starter sets. - the garlic store - fort collins, co - hardnecks, rocamboles, softnecks, elephants, bulbils, cover crops, green garlic seeds, garlic braids, organic fertilizers, organic insect repellent, sampler packs, low cost garlic for animals. - golden harvest organics - fort collins, co - organic heirloom vegetable & tomatoe seeds, natural insect control (order bugs). - potato garden - austin, co - ( Ronniger Potato Farm LLC

Milk Ranch Specialty Potatoes LLC ) - All of the Naturally grown and Organic seed potatoes are available on the website. soggy creek seed co - nipissing village on -organic, heritage & "renamed" heirloom seeds, grown with love just for you! - this site also includes weirdest carrot pictures - very cute! - sierra vista farms - delhi, co - garlic, shallots, rhubarb, asparagus. - the big tomato (indoor garden supplies) - aurora, co - growing supplies, hydroponics, lighting, nutrients and supplements, ventilation, easy home solutions. - tiny seeds - northglenn, co - flower seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seeds, dry spice rubs, - vermont bean seed co - randolph, wi - a small seed company offering antique and gourmet vegetables, herbs and flower seeds. internet catalog only. - western native seed - native seed for the rocky mountains and western great plains - coaldale, co - wildflowers, grasses, tree/shrubs, wetland and seed mixes.

CONNECTICUT: - comstock, ferre & co. - wethersfield, ct - sells dependable new england varieties since 1820 of vegetables and herbs. web site unavailable at this time should be up and running around 1/15/11. - john scheeper's kitchen garden seeds - bantam, ct - fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, horticultural tips. - neseed co - hartford, ct - bulk seeds for commercial growers, vegetable, herb, wildflower, flower seeds and gardening supplies. retail seed displays. shop online or request catalog. - sacred organics - bethlehem, ct - certified organic gourmet garlic and mushrooms (web site dedicated to garlic - lots of interesting facts on garlic) - select seeds - union, ct. -specializes in antique flowers.

FLORIDA: - eden organic nursery services - hallandale, fl - offers open pollinated and hybrid seeds for peppers, organic tobacco, medicinal/healing plants, vegetables, vines, tropical plants and organic gardening supplies. the gourmet gardener – live oak, fl - 150 varieties of hard-to-find herbs, vegetables and edible wildflowers. Most seeds are packaged in collections - florida backyard vegetable garden - spring hill, fl - vegetables, herbs - onalee's home grown seeds & plants - madeira beach, fl - fruits vegetables and flowers - the pepper gal - ft lauderdale, fl - seeds for hot peppers, ornamental peppers, sweet peppers, herbs, tomatoes, oganic and heirloom varieties. - seedland inc - wellborn, fl - lawn seeds, pasture seeds, wildflower seeds, and food plot seeds - tomato growers supply - fort myers, fl - tomatoes, eggplant and peppers - i don't need much more! this site is great - the tomatoes are categorized by early, mid or late season, paste, beefsteak, a tomato lovers web site! I requested a catalog

GEORGIA: - cooper seeds - auburn, ga - wildlife seed for - deer, turkey, dove, quail, duck pheasant, rabbit, bear, wild boar; wildflower seeds - regional and special, limited vegetable selection. - eden brothers - dahlonega, ga - flower, vegetable, wildflower mixes, herb seeds, heirloom seeds and tree seeds. - tanager song farm - toccoa , ga - 600 varieties of rare heirloom seeds, mostly tomatoes, has lettuce, flowers, legumes, beans, peas, and peppers. - southern seed legacy - athens, ga - southern seed legacy strives to reverse the erosion of plant genetic diversity and cultural knowledge in the american south. hosts annual seed swaps. over 500 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. - berlin, ga - offers the highest quality fruit trees, grape vines, berry plants, nut trees, flowering trees, shade trees and even palm trees. they are known for their "friendly guarantee" on every product we sell; a commitment to delivering every customer a healthy quality tree or plant - from pomegranate trees to grape plants - of correct size and variety specified, the first time.

HAWAII: - fruit lovers nursery - pahoa, hi - tropical seeds available.

IDAHO: - cedera seed inc - swan valley idaho - several varieties of wheatgrass, wildrye, ricegrass and flax - emergency seed bank - rigby, id - enough seeds for one acre emergency planting seeds, 23 varieties of high yielding crops.

ILLINOIS: - american organic - warren, il - traditional organic corn, reselected open pollinated corn, alfafa, clovers, grasses & mixes, small grains, cover crops, annual forages, fall seeds, bmr sudangrass, inoculents, grain peas, value plus high energy corn. - blazing star nursery - woodstock, il - native seed ( prairie forbes/grasses, wetland forbes/grasses, woodland savanna. burgess seed & plant co - bloomington, il - has basic selection of fruits and vegetables. - germania seed company - chicago, il - mostly flowers, hard to tell if they are wholesale or retail. online catalogs available. - summer hill seeds - albers, il - annuals, perennials, morning glories, tropicals, rare and unusual, fast and the foliage, collections, chocolate vines & flowers. underwood gardens - woodstock, il - sells endangered heirloom seeds and how to save seed videos. features terroir seeds.

INDIANA: - perennials galore greenhouse - mill creek, in - vegetable, herb and flower seeds available. - earthly inc - new albany, in - annuals, perennials and native wild flower mixes, also offers personalized seed packets for weddings and things, along with personalized seed paper. - gardens alive - lawrenceburg, in - lawn care, soil care, plant care, insect pest control, animal pest control, disease control, weed control, environmentally responsible products that work. - great harvest organics - atlanta, in - organic corn, wheat, soybeans & alfalfa. - gurney's seed & nursery co - greendale, in - a full vegetable, herb and flower seed supplier, both on the internet and catalog, free newsletter. - henry field's seed & nursery co - aurora, in - a full vegetable, herb and flower seed supplier both on the internet and catalog. - nature crossroads - earth-friendly seeds for midwest gardeners - bloomington, in - provides earth friendly seeds and supplies for midwest gardeners. based in indiana. focus on organic seeds in packets as well as kits and collections for gardeners of every age and skill level. check out the kid oriented products. - rich farm garden supply - winchester, in - heirloom vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, seeds and plants. english and spanish version. - aurora, in - has a very informative section on seed germination. - perennial seeds, annual seeds, herb/veg seeds, and day lily seeds.

IOWA: - blue river hybrids - kelley, ia - offers seed especially grown and conditioned for organic farmer, corn soybeans, forages, sunflowers and seed coatings. - earl may seed and nursery - shenandoah, ia - annuals, perennials, herbs, native grasses and vegetables. free shipping on all seed packs 2 oz or less. as of 1/25/11. - ion exchange inc - ia - native wildflowers & prairie plants - forbs/wildflowers, grasses, rushes, sedges, seed mixes, and plant kits - mark seed company - perry, ia - soybeans, hybrid corn, grasses & alfafa. - sand hill preservation center - calamus, ia - heirloom seed and poultry. poultry catalog, seed & roots catalog and sweet potato catalog. - decorah, ia - a very interesting web site. not only does it sell heirloom vegetables and flowers it offers ideas and philosophy. a web site worth looking into.

KANSAS: - eldorado heirloom seeds - ks - number 1 in selling bulk seed to the public, online catalog only, many vegetables to choose from. - pendleton's country market - lawrence, ks - two kinds of asparagus for sale and lots of home made products. - sharp bros seed company - healy, ks - buffalo grass, alfalfas, cool season grasses, forages, pasture grasses, turfgrasses, warm season grasses, wildflowers sold alone or as mixes. - skyfire garden seeds - kanopolis, ks - heirloom vegetables, flower & herb seeds, for the home gardener. all packages of seeds are $2.00.

KENTUCKY: - bunton's seed - louisville, ky - full range of vegetable seed, in business since 1954. - ferry morse seed company - fulton, ky - annuals, asian, giant, gourds, health smart, heirloom, herbs, italian, latin, organic, perennials, vegetables, and wildflowers. - sustainable mountain agriculture center, inc. - berea, ky - heirloom beans and tomatoes.

MAINE: - allen, sterling & lothrop - falmouth, me - specializes in seeds adapted to the climate in northern new england. maine's oldest seed company. - waterville, ME - We are a cooperative, one of the few seed companies so organized in the United States. Because we do not have an individual owner or beneficiary, profit is not our primary goal. Consumers own 60% of the cooperative and worker members 40%. Consumer and worker members share proportionately in the cooperative’s profits through our annual patronage dividends. This seed company is right in my own back yard and I didn't even know it until this blog. I will be looking at their catalog a little more closely, again I truly believe we should stick to local for the bulk of our product,if not the saving of our own seeds. - teltane farm - monroe, me - Teltane Farm Produces; certifiable grade & Maine nursery licensed Seed & Tablestock Garlic. We also serve the midcoast Maine markets and pre-order direct to consumers with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Rather than certify, we prefer to "Green Pledge" all of our crops based on non-toxic and lasting soil fertility practices which focuses on soil and crop nutrition using composts, rock powder minerals, and biologically enhanced foliars. - winslow, me - my personal favorite. I think everyone should find a local seed company, a garden shop, in your area and befriend them. Not only does it support your local economy but who knows best as to what grows in your area than they do. They are full vegetable, herb, flower seed catalog and internet store.

This is on my bucket list of things to do.

Johnny's Farm Tours

Johnny’s farm is located on Foss Hill Road in Albion, Maine, a farm community 10 miles east of Waterville, Maine. Our trial fields are open to guests for self-guided tours from July through September. The farm is open daily, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Johnny’s provides an informational, self-guided tour packet complete with a map to help guests navigate.
Download self-guided tour guide here (.pdf).

Or, if you wish to arrange a guided group tour of our facilities, please call our Retail Store at 207-861-3999. - the maine potato lady - guilford, me - organic seed potato, fingerlings, onion sets, shallots and garlic. - pine tree garden seeds - new gloucester, me - container seeds, herb seeds, flower seed, grass and cover seed, tobaccos and sprouting seeds. - sweet pea gardens - surry, me - specializes in sweet peas, annual and perennial. - vesey's seeds - calais, me - specializes in short term growth season, certified organic products, custom seed packages, flower seeds, herb seeds, vegetable seed. - wood prairie farm - bridgewater, me - organic potato, vegetable, cover crop, herb seed, organic grains and flowers, organic baking mixes, organic aged cheese and more!

MARYLAND: - chuck wyatt's heirloom tomatoes - rosedale, md - many, many varieties of tomatoes, a must see for the tomato lover. - environmental concern - st michaels, md - wholesale company will sell retail but has a minimum order. wetland plants and seeds to restore and maintain our wetland areas.

MASSACHUSETTS: - eastern native seed conservancy - great barrington, ma - web site has expired - seeds from italy - winchester, ma - 350 varieties of italian vegetable, herb and flower seeds. with detailed instructions on how to grow and recipes too! - framingham, ma - the oldest plant conservation organization in the u.s., promoting conservation of north american native plants - sells plants and seeds, downloadable seed catalogs. - organica seed - wilbraham, ma - vegetable seed, garden herb seed, medicinal herb seed, flower seed, cotton and coffee, tobacco, organic fertilizers. f w schumacher co., inc - sandwich, ma - many tree and shrub seeds listed but unfortunately in their greek name not very user friendly.

MICHIGAN: - de bruyn seed company inc - zeeland, mi - vegetable seed, flower seed, grass seed, and field seed - home harvest garden supply - east lansing, mi - a subsidiary of ferry-morse company. a full range of vegetablge, herb and flowers on line catalog, seeds seem to be a little more affordable - krohne plant farms - hartford, mi - asparagus and strawberry plants. - michigan wildflower farm - portland, mi - wildflowers sold separately or in mixes. - old house gardens - ann arbor, mi - fall planted bulbs, spring planted bulbs, favorite samplers rarer and new, dahlias, irises, daylilies and more. - orchard house heirlooms - dowagiac, mi - heirloom vegetable and herb seed, online catalog. - seed and garden - brighton, mi - biodegradable pots, garden gifts, garden seeds, gadening tools, kid gardening, peat pellets, plant labels, plant ties and supports, plastic trays, soil mixes, soil testing tree seeds, pest control, woodminder. siegers seed co - holland, mi - commercial seed supplier, seed consultants, online catalog.

MINNESOTA: - albert lea seed - albert lea, mn - organic seed, viking corn, farm seed, and native grasses. - farm seed and nursery - faribault, mn - mostly a nursery but does offer some sweet pea seeds and wildflowers. - feder's prairie seed company - blue earth, mn - native grasses, native forbs, sedges, and mixtures (mostly flower) - jordan seeds - woodbury, mn - Big selection of vegetable seeds, somewhat smaller selection of flowers and herbs - morning sky greenery - morris, mn - natvie flowers and grasses. - prairie moon nursery - winona, mn - wildflowers/forbs, cactus & ferns, trees, shrubs and woody vines, grasses, sedges, and rushes. - prairie restorations inc - princeton, mn - seed is generally sold in ounces or pounds, wildflower seed mix, and grass seed mix. - rex's seed co - crystal, mn - website issues

MISSISSIPPI: - - gaultier, ms - seeds from around the world - this site has a fairly large selection of flowers and vegetables.

MISSOURI: - easy wildflowers plant & nursery - willow springs, mo - wildflower mixes for good, dry and wet soil, and individual seed of the same sold separately. - elixir farm – brixey, mo - organic & biodynamic - brixey mo - produce, organics, biodynamics, seed saving. - granny's heirloom seeds - humansville, mo - garlic, heirloom herb & vegetable seed, onion sets, shallots, strawberry plants. - heirloom acre seeds - new bloomfield, mo - organic specialty seed potatoes and organic herb plants. a collection of tools, books and other cultivation aids. mail order seed catalogs. - monsanto company - st louis, mo - commercial supplier for seed, alfafa, canola, corn, cotton sorghum, soybeans, and sugarbeets. - morgan county seeds - barnett, mo - vegetable and garden seed, flower seeds. - missouri wildflower nursery - jefferson city, mo - wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and vines - pantry garden herbs - cleveland, mo - herb seeds and herb recipes. - maryville, mo - specializing in stevia seeds. these seeds are high germination and grown in the united states. large or small amounts. also books about growing and using stevia, including recipes. sample recipes and online ordering. - mansfield, mo - aka Baker Creek carries one of the largest selections of seeds from the 19th century, including many Asian and European varieties. The company has become a tool to promote and preserve our agricultural and culinary heri­tage. Our company and seeds have been featured in The New York Times, The Associated Press, Oprah Maga­zine, Martha Stewart, and many others. Gardeners can request a free 132-page color catalog that now mails to over 250,000 gardeners nationally. I found this company interesting, the owner started it when he was 17 in 1998. This company has many unusual seeds. The pricing is good too.

MONTANA: - garden city fungi - gourmet mushrooms - missoula, mt - online source for mushroom products, mushroom growing kits for shitake, oyster, lion's mane and more - planet natural - bozeman, mt - heirloom flower seeds, heirloom herb seeds, heirloom vegetable seeds, organic seeds - mt - All of the heirloom seeds are 100% Certified to be open pollinated, Non Hybrid and Non GMO seeds. All of the seeds are from the 2010 harvest season and have a 98.7% germination rate. the vegetable seeds will grow in every zone. everything is done by hand: gardening, saving seeds, packaging and shipping.

NEBRASKA: - the fragrant path - fort calhoun, nb - climbers, annuals, perennials, prairie flowers, prairie grasses, perennial herbs, exotics. - nature hill nursery - omaha, nb - flower seeds, herb seeds, large seed packets, organic seeds, and vegetable seeds
NEVADA: - seeds of change - henderson, nv - 100% certified organic seed, vegetables, flowers and herbs, over 1200 varieties: many heirloom, hard to find, quality and performance in your garden or farm guaranteed. - stock seed farms - murdock, ne - flowers, grasses, legumes, pasture, buffalo grass, and mixtures. - tough love chile company - reno, nv - chile pepper and other rare and fancy seeds on the internet.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: - g and h garlic farm - littleton, nh - specializes in hardneck, 21 different varieties of garlic.

NEW JERSEY: - cross country nursery - rosemont, nj - Chile pepper plants, a lot of them. Sweet bell to fiery hot types. No seeds, just plants. - doebler's pa hybrids, inc. - jersey shore, pa - sells hybrid seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa, forage grass and clover. with a focus on performance genetics and research. - jersey asparagus farm - pittsgrove, nj - has downsized in 2009 and will now only market and sell the Jersey male hybridseedvarieties. They include Jersey Supreme, Jersey Giant and Jersey Knight. Please contact us for seed prices and availability. - oak tree seed - cherry hill, nj - bulk seed, cacti seed, essential oil, grass seed, heirloom seed, heirloom tobacco seed, homeopathic seed, organic heat socks, organic seed, seed collections, shrub seed, sprouting seed, tools, tree seed, tropical seed, vine seed. - thomas & morgan - jackson, nj - is an english seed company whose u.s. branch offers many rare and unique seed varieties.

NEW MEXICO: - quality seed international - tatum, nm - flower, herb and sprouting seed.

talavaya seeds - po box 50,caballo, nm 87931 - is a nonprofit that collects and preserves open pollinated indian food crops. "talavaya is a hopi word for the time of day just before dawn, when the farmer goes into his fields and the great sprint receives his prayers". - santa fe, nm - wild flower, wild flower mixes, grasses, chiles, vegetables, herbs, evergreen trees, trees and shrubs, cover crops, online catalog, books - seeds of change - santa fe, nm - organic flowers, herbs, vegetables & cover crops and strawberry plants.

NEW YORK: - alchemy works - elmira, ny - seeds to create a witches garden - gives a description of each herbs purpose in the witching world, very interesting site. herb seeds available for sale. - allies (medicinal plants and edibles) - sebastopol, ca - most of their seeds are from temperate and tropical areas, does offer green tea seeds. not a very large listing of medicinal seeds and descriptions are not the greatest. - alpha garlic farm - fort plain, ny - Garlic - spanish roja, german red, and german white. Order by email or phone. No print catalog. - bentley seeds - cambridge, ny - create your own seed pack, using their seeds, great for weddings! - crosman seed co - east rochester, ny - has served home gardeners for more than 160 years with flower, vegetable and grass seed. - fred c gloeckner & co inc - harrison, ny - bulbs, seeds (organic), young plants and plugs. - gardnerville farms - altamont, ny - Organically grown seed garlic, three varieties - German White, French Red, and elephant. Order form available on website, no print catalog, probably US shipping only - harris seeds - rochester, ny - vegetable, herbs and flower seeds. plants, bulbs, greenhouses and growing supplies. supplies to both independent and commercial growers. seed catalogs online or mail-order. free newsletter. - lakeview organic farm - penn yan, ny - organic field crop, cover crop & pasture seed. - ommas aarden heirloom seed - port leyden, ny - small organic seed company offers a perpetual lunar gardening calendar. - p & p seed co - collins, ny - Our World Record giant seed selections, which include pumpkins, gourds, cantaloupes, watermelons and more. P & P Seed Co giant pumpkin seed has the potential to grow a 2,000 lb. pumpkin! - pase seeds - north collins, ny - heirloom seed, herbs, organic seed, ornamental grasses, peppers, perennials, survival heirloom seed kits, tomatoes, tropicals, and vegetables. - the sample seed shop - tonawanda, ny - annual flower seeds, biennial flower seeds, herb seeds, pepper seeds, perennial flower seed, squash seed, tomato seed, and vegetable seed. - hudson valley seed library - accord, ny - heirloom and open pollinated vegetables/herbs. - seedway llc - hall, ny - commercial vegetable seed, turf seed, farm seed. - locke, ny - a small seed catalog company but one of the largest and yet another business never thought of "pine cones" they have the largest selection of pine cones that i have ever seen, well worth the look just for the learning experience of the different pines. - stoke seeds - buffalo, ny - a full vegetable, herb, and flower catalog company both on the internet and thru the mail. I have purchased from them many times over and have always been satisfied with my product. - turtle tree seeds - copake, ny - sells more than 300 varieties of biodynamically grown organic, heirloom vegetable and herb seeds.

NORTH CAROLINA: - appalachian seeds farm & nursery - flat rock, nc - mail order tomato seeds and plants. - garden in the koop - hillsborough, nc - a unique site - seed packets with custom design to entice children to play in the garden. limited seed selection, very cute, very nice gift for that little sprout in your life. - reidsvilee, nc -cornerstone garlic farm - seed, braids and table stock thru mail order. organic practices. offers shallots too. - mountain gardens - burnsville, nc - products offered tinctures, seeds - minimal list, fresh and dried herbs, and plants. reimer seeds - mount holly, nc - We have over 5,000 quality non-GMO vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and flower seeds for the home garden and market growers. We sell seeds in bulk too by the ounce and pound - sow true seed - ashville, nc - vegetable, herb and flower seed.

OHIO: - companion plants - athens, oh - 600 varieties of common and exotic herb plants including medicinal, culinary, ceremonial, aromatic, butterfly, fiber and dye plants. with 200 varieties of seed. - bobba-mike's garlic farm - orrville, oh - offers 9 different varieties of garlic. - heirloom tomatoes - hillard, oh - list over 600 heirloom varieties also does business as - hirts garden - granger township - medina, oh - hirt's is one of ohio's oldest horticultural establishments, specializing in perennials, hard to find plants and seeds/bulbs from around the world. - london, oh - organically grown heirloom hardneck and artichoke seed garlic. online ordering. - ohio heirloom seeds - gahanna, oh - tomato, pepper, herb, lettuce. seeds priced at 1.29 - 1.99. - ohio - offers more than 400 varieties of hard to find heirloom tomato and vegetable seeds. many were offered in garden catalogs of the late 1800's. online ordering (i think this is great! to have a tomato in your garden from a plant dating 200 years!)

OREGON: - abceeds, inc - la grande, or - vegetable, heirloom, herb and flower seeds. - abundant life seed foundation - saginaw, or - is a nonprofit that specializes in untreated, open-pollinated, and rare/endangered species. also offers organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. garlic, seed potatoes, garden supplies, growing info and seed saving techniques. free organic seed catalog and online ordering. - adaptive seeds - sweet home, or - all natural & organic vegetable and herb seed. - ampac seed company - tangent, or - turf seed, forage seed, wildlife seed, cover crop seed, green friendly seed. - dlf organic - halsey, or - We provide a comprehensive selection of USDAcertified organic forage, lawn and cover crop seed. Our top quality seed is produced in absolute compliance with organic standards and verified by theOregon Tilth. - fragrant garden nursery - roseburg, or - sweet pea seeds only. - goodwin creek gardens - williams, or - limited seed selection, actually only one kind of plant in a few varieties - asclepias - a milk weed. - hood river, or - certified organic garlic direct from the farm. online ordering, garlic recipes and tips. also offers food - garlic. family owned. ( i presently am growing 600 bulbs of garlic for harvest 2011 - i love garlic and onions!) - horizon herbs - williams, or - vegetable seeds, herb seeds, herbal extracts. - lonesome whistle farm - eugene, or - seed garlic, tomatoes, heirloom dry beans, lettuce greens, flowers, peppers, grains and popcorn. - nichols garden nursery - albany, or - complete garden seed catalog featuring new and unusual vegetables, herbs and flowers. emphasizing short season varieties, flavor and performance. - sow organic seed - eugene, or - offers 200 varieties of certified organic, non-gmo, many heirloom, garden seeds. retail and wholesale, vegetable, herb and flower seeds. info on saving seeds and free printable catalog. - oregon wholesale seed company - silverton, or - oregon natives, individual flower species, individual grass species, grass seed mixes and blends, flower seed mixes and blends, cereal grain species, ground cover erosion, and forage mixes. - hobbs & hopkins ltd - portland, or - lawn seed and wildflower seed. - eugene, or - aka Whatcom Seed Company, 10 years on the internet, internet catalog only. specializing in rare, exotic, unusual and beautiful. i confess i am seriously thinking about coffee plants! my very own kona plant, how special is that! Their hot pepper seeds are tempting, jamaican scotch bonnet both red and yellow, can you imagine in a jerk sauce! there are some beautiful both ornamental and edible purple peppers and a gorgeous purple plant that tastes like cilantro called "purple shiso". This site is highly recommended! - silverton, or - grown down on the farm. this online catalog offers daylilies, wildflowers, flower seeds, ground cover, and grass seed plus much more. wholesale and retail. online seed catalogs, free newsletter. - sunmark seeds international inc - portland, or - native grass seed, wildflowers, woody plants, legumes, herbs, mixes, cover crops, turf grass, forage seed, and garden flowers. - territorial seed co - cottage grove or - a full vegetable, herb and flower catalog company both on the internet and thru the mail. - the thyme garden - alsea, or - seeds, herbs and everlasting chili peppers. - victory seed company - molalla, or - is one of the few sites that I have seen selling tobacco. a small seed company. - virtual seeds - astoria, or - annuals, perennials, vegetables, tomatoes-peppers, herbs, organic seed, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, small fruit berries, ground covers and vines - wild garden seed - philomath, or - ecological crop improvement by the farmers for the farmers - salad greens, vegetables, herbs and a few flowers.

PENNSYLVANIA: - american seed company inc - spring grove, pa - sweet corn, beans/peas, small vegetable, onions and sets, seed potatoes, deer clover, flower seed and popcorn, grass seed, field seed, and farm seed. - amishland heirloom seeds - reamstown, pa - Organically grown heirloom vegetable seeds - tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans & peas. A few flowers and some rare vegs as well. Possible to order online, or fill out form and mail. Will ship internationally. No print catalog. - easton, pa - is a worldwide subtropical and tropical seed and bulb specialist. they grow everything that they offer on their tropical farms, including a big selection of bananas, and ship worldwide. everything comes with brief growing instructions. – w. altee burpee co - Warminster, PA - catalog on line and request form - this site has a regional garden news and planner. Enter your zip code and it will tell you the zone you are in and what you should be doing in your garden each month. I have bought from Burpee before and have been very happy with the bulb flowers purchased. They offer a wide variety of seed and more than 40 organic varieties. - the cook's garden - warminster, pa - vegetable, herb and flower seeds. garden supplies, kitchen supplies, seed catalogs both online and mail order seed catalog. - happy cat organics llc - organic vegetable seeds, small operation - great name! - heirloom seeds - elizabeth, pa - non-hybrid, no chemical treatments or genetically engineered; certified organic, vegetable, herb and flower seeds for sale. free weekly newsletter. gardening books, tips and planting information. online seed catalogs or printable order form. - landis valley museum - lancaster, pa - Landis Valley Museum is home to the Heirloom Seed Project. Established in the mid 1980s, the Heirloom Seed Project's focus is on seed preservation, seeds from heirloom varieties of vegetable herbs and ornamentals that have historical significance for Pennsylvania Germans from 1750 to 1940. - this site offers a plant which is suppose to deter moles. a must have in my garden! - d landreth seed company - glen rock, pa - vegetable, flowers, herbs, grasses, wildflowers, landreth zinnia collection, ornamental vines, seeds in a sack - collections sold together in a sack - themed. - moss acres - honesdale, pa - one stop resource for gardening moss, offers four different varieties (live). - rohrer seeds - smoketown, pa - america's alfalfa, garden seeds, pasture seeds, turf seeds, wildlife seeds, vegetable seeds, and flower seed. - seedway - elizabethtown, pa - some organic vegetables and herbs.

SOUTH CAROLINA: - hodges, sc - has a beautiful catalog with a wide array of perennials and flowering shrubs. both online and catalog available. I have ordered from them in the past, I was satisfied with my order. But I confess I enjoyed the catalog most of all. - park seed company - greenwood, sc - offers a full range of vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds both catalog and internet. unfortunately at the time that I requested a catalog, they were experiencing a security issue and I chose to review and shop solely on the internet with a phone in with my info. this company offers a once a year event, each year the 9 acre, with 2,000 varieties of plant in their fullest bloom are open to the public with guided tours through their trial gardens. - penny's tomatoes - myrtle beach, sc - free tomato seed catalog for the best tasting tomatoes on planet earth (that's what it says) try our tomato head trivia contest. or sign up for penny's tomatoes free newsletter. tips on planting, transplanting, fertilizing, harvesting and cooking and enjoying wonderful tomatoes. - myrtle beach, sc - hot peppers that sizzle - ghost pepper, bhut jolokia pepper, super hots, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, exotic hot peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. - r h shumway's - graniteville, sc - annual seed, farm seeds, herb seeds, perennial seed, and vegetable seed. - seeds for the south - graniteville, sc - vegetable and herb seeds specially selected for your southern usa garden. - twilley seed co - hodges, sc - supplies bulk seed (mostly hybrid vegetables) for roadsise, u-pick, and truck gardeners. - vegetable seed warehouse - graniteville, sc - a huge selection of untreated vegetable seed. - foundation seed program - south carolina crop improvement association & clemson university - public service and agriculture - basic vegetable list & soybean info. - hodges, sc - gardening source for trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, rare plants and supplies. online plant catalog, free newsletter, free seed catalogs.

TENNESSEE: - marianna's heirloom seeds - dickson, tn - A company specializing in heirloom tomato, eggplant, and pepper seeds, as well as live plants. Marianna's Heirloom Seeds offers more than 250 heirloom varieties, and it has been in business since 1955. - new hope seed company - bon aqua, tn - vegetable seeds, sweet potato seeds, tobacco seeds. specialize in open-pollinated and heirloom seed. - steele plant company - gleason, tn - quality, certified, sweet potato plant vines or slips direct from the farm in gleason. delivered at the proper time for your area.

TEXAS: -bamert seed company - muleshoe, tx - minimum 10lb seed order. bluestem, buffalograss, blue grama, sideoats, grama, indiangrass, kleingrass, lovegrass, switchgrass, wheatgrass, bristlegrass, bundleflower, prairie cover, forbs, legumes and other grasses. - brown's omaha plant farms inc - omaha, tx - Onions - about a dozen varieties sold as plants. Short, medium, and long day. Free print catalog. - dixondale farms - carrizo springs, tx - Onion plants, lots of them, and onion growing supplies. Possible to order online. Free print catalog. - sweet briar nursery & gardens - belton, tx - all seeds are native to texas unless otherwise noted. - a texas based retail/wholesale nursery with a large selection of culinary and ornamental herbs, salvias, vines, seedlings and heirloom vegetables. online seed catalog. - accelerated bible translation - turner seed - breckenridge, tx - grass seed, grass seed mixes, tank dam mix, turf seed, wildlife seed, wildlife seed mixes, spring and fall field seed, fall grazing mixes, wildflowers, spring wildflower mixes, and fall wildflower mixes - native american seed - junction, tx - wildflower mixes, wildflowers, grasses, grass mixes, conservancy seed, and live roots. - wild seed farm - fredericksburg, tx - wildflower seeds - willhite seed inc - poolville, tx - full array of vegetable seeds

UTAH: - clyde robin seed company - santa clara, ut - wild flower seed sold individually or in customize packs that you can pick or packs that have been picked by company, wedding seed packs, delivery 2 weeks or less and promotional seed packs made to order. - diane's flower seeds - ogden, ut - annuals, perennials, vegetable/herb, tomatoes, daylily seeds, daylily plants. - generic seeds - quality seeds for less - springville, ut - a full vegetable, herb and flower seed supplier, no catalog. free shipping for orders over $20, and $2 for orders less than $20. boasts cheaper seeds due to cheaper packaging, starting at $1.39 on sale. - granite seed company - lehi, ut - grasses and grasslike species, wildflowers and forbs, shrubs and trees, turfgrasses, riparian and wetland, legumes, cover crops, sterile cover crops and regional wildflower mixes. - handy pantry sprouting - ut - certified organic sprouting seeds and supplies - hometown seeds - orem, ut - survival seeds, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, sprouting seeds, wildflower seeds, perennial seeds, and annual seeds.

VERMONT: - small seed company located in Vermont. Has your basic garden staples, and offers an array on wildflowers. This site does not offer a catalog, sales are done on line only. It also offers a wonderful chart That depicts the state bird and flower for each state. - le jardin du gourmet - st johnsbury center, vt - specializes in french vegetables and herbs, beans, peas, seeds from france, leeks, garlic, and rocambole. - dutch gardens - burlington, vt - finest flower bulbs and freshest plants and perennials direct to you from holland. includes gardening catalogs, both online and mail order catalog. - high mowing organic seeds - wolcott, vt - organic vegetable seed, flower seed, and medicinal and culinary herb seed for gardeners and commercial growers. - perennial pleasures nursery - east hardwick, vt - sells plants, seeds and seedlings. - vermont wildflower farm - charlotte, vt - wildlflower mixes, individual species, woodland and rare species, wildflower seed packs, flower bulbs, and veggies and herbs

VIRGINIA: - garden medicinals and culinaries - mineral, va - has been serving gardeners, herb growers, and herbalists with a fine selection of seeds, plants, supplies, and books since 1983. We offer over 220 varieties of herb, vegetable and flower seeds and plants, together with the cultural information needed to successfully grow, harvest, and enjoy your crops. - the save our seed project - louisa, va - with the aim of developing detailed regional seed crop production manuals, supporting the creation of a seed network for southeast growers, and increasing seed production practices and knowledge sharing in the southeast. - southern exposure seed exchange, mineral, va - open pollinated, heirloom seeds of vegetables, flowers and herbs, plus seed saving and growing supplies. they encourage you to save seed from endangered species.

WASHINGTON: - tacoma, wa - your backyard information source. this comprehensive web site has it all! it has a list of web sites for you to visit and obtain either an on line catalog or request one thru the mail. It has web sites from Italy, imagine garlic from Italy, a must have for me! encyclopedia, 60,000 projects, plant finder, forums and more. this web site demands to be added to your favorites! - chocolate flower farm - langley, wa - this site offers everything chocolate except for chocolate itself! it has several wonderful variety seed packs (her own mix) that are all chocolate in color and range from edible to pure delight. offers singular flower seed packs too. - filaree farm - okanogan, wa - specialize in garlic only (more than 100 varieties). They give a family tree of garlic, have precise descriptions of the different varieties including taste & keeping quality. Small & bulk orders. - fungi perfecti llc - olympia, wa -certified organic company specializing in gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and mushroom related products. online ordering or request a brochure. ( i don't know about you but i think it would be fascinating to grow my own mushrooms!) - good seed co - oroville, wa - this is not a seed company - it appears in my country living book as a seed company but its web site is dedicated to the teachings of the bible. - ed hume seeds - kent, wa - specializes in basic vegetable seeds suited for cool summers in the pacific northwest. - seeds etc - marysville, wa - cacti, flowers, and rain forest plants, specializing in indoor growing supplies - inside passage - port townsend, wa - woody plants, native wildflowers, herbaceous plants, grasses/sedges, adventitious flowers and herbs. - ellensburg, wa - garlic seed, cover crops, flower seed, herb seed, potato seed, and vegetable seed. - alpine wildseed - ellensburg, wa - trees, shrubs, herbs/forbs, grasses and sedges. - no thyme productions - kirkland, wa - this is a small operation - the seeds come from reputable companies and some are combined to make some very interesting mixes - pretty seed packages - she offers flower seeds, vegetables and herbs. - osborne seed company llc - mount vernon, wa -

This website has been developed to reach more commercial growers, large or small, conventional or organic, and keep you informed and updated on who's who in Northwest vegetable and flower varieties. - ranier seeds inc - davenport, wa - forbs, legumes, wildflowers, grasses, sedges, and rushes, plus trees and shrubs. - horticulture guy's garden supply - lakewood, wa - vegetable, herb, flower and certified organic seeds. - silvaseed company - roy, wa - custom cone collection and seed processing, tree lists are with their botanical name -uprising seeds - bellingham, wa - vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, mushroom kits and seed garlic.

WISCONSIN: - taylor creek restoration nurseries - brodhead, wi - grasses and sedges, forbs, trees and shrubs. - botanikka seeds - iron ridge, wi - herbs, vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, flowers annual, flowers perennial, gourds, and misc seeds. - field & forest products - peshtigo, wi - shitake, oyster, wine cap, reishi, lion's mane, maitake, morels and common varities too. mushroom starter kits, beginner info and more. - garlic man - iron river, wi - About four types of seed garlic, organically grown. Order form available on website - j. w. jung seed - randolph, wi - full vegetable, herb and flower catalog, both in book form and on internet. I have ordered from them before, highly recommended. great customer service. - kester's wild game food nurseries inc - omro, wi - deer f00d, pheasant food, drought mix, white clover blend, gamebird mix, annual seeds and perennial seeds. - one stop poppy shoppe - cavour, wi - over 50 varieties of poppies, annual and perennial, offers onions too. - prairie frontier - waukesha, wi - herbs, prairie grasses, and wildflowers. - seymour's selected seeds - randolph, wi - offers seeds which have been bought, tried and tested and now being resold under their name. - sprout people - madison, wi - leafy sprouts, bean sprouts, broccoli and friends, grain sprouts, exotic sprouts, sprouts for animals, grass, greens and micro greens. - st clare heirloom seeds - gillet, wi - specializing in non-gmo, non-hybrid, non-treated heirloom and open pollinated vegetable garden seeds. $3.00 shipping on all seed and book orders. totally tomatoes - randolph, wi - is not just a tomato seed supplier, but offers vegetables too! the tomatoes are suppose to be resistant to one or more than one of the following: verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, nematodes, tobacco mosaic virus, alternaria stem canker, stemphylium gray leaf spot, tomato spotted wilt virus -vermont bean seed company - randolph, wi - beans, flower seeds, and vegetable seeds.

WYOMING: - wind river seed - manderson, wy - warm and cool season grasses, legumes, forbs, wetlands, shrubs/trees, cover crops, falcata alfalfa, reclamation mixes

NOT SEED COMPANIES BUT WORTHY OF MENTION: - this blog is very interesting, everyone should read it and think about the use of a microwave. - is not truly a seed catalog company, they have been producing and selling seeds since the late 19th century, but that is mostly done in stores. if you are interested in finding a store near you that sells these seeds, this web site offers a store locator. it does have some interesting gardening info, but nothing you haven't read b4. - an online fairy shop - everything fairy at this web site. - no seeds for sale. the largest gardening site on the web, with garden forums, articles on gardening, a botanical glossary and plant database. - golden harvest organics - this is not a seed site - but it has great information on site companions - a must read. - is a premier online retailer of weather instruments and weather stations. we offer a large selection of weather instruments which you can browse 24/7 - everything about these wiggly garden friends - the worms! - biofuel services - switchgrass, farm bill program assistance. - (special interest) national home gardening club - newsletter, contests, and more. members are entitled to discounts. - (looking for income this might be the site for you) a soybean premium programs are available for the growing of soybeans. Worthy of a look if you are looking to grow for cash and not just hobby.

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